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Customizing Domino Out of Office Service02.04.2013 21:06
I have got this question from two customers in the same week and I have never looked into this before. Thanks for Julie to point me to the right direction. With that information (field names) I found an interesting old The View article. It looks like this is the only documented source for this information. In my customer case the requirement was to not have the OOS (Out of Office Service) reply to potential SPAM messages even OOO replies to Internet email should be enabled in general...
« Daniel Nashed »

Searching for design elements 100 times faster09.01.2013 16:11
Often, entries in this blog are in reaction to questions I get, or someone else's code I've run across. One of the reasons things have been so quiet here is that my job has changed so that's not happening as often. But every now and them I'm reminded that there are things I know that it hadn't occurred to me weren't obvious, until I run across another developer who didn't know it. That's the case with this tip. Someone mentioned that it was taking their code a long time to scan mail files to see whether there were any design elements that were protected from design refresh/replace (aside from personal folders, where this is expected). I didn't know what they meant by "a long time," so I wrote a few lines of code to scan my mail file, and wrote back that when accessing the file on a server, I couldn't see how to do the search faster than about one or two seconds, and what was their target?
« Andre Guirard »

IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault Database Scanner: An overview11.10.2012 16:07
Learn how to configure and use the Vault Database Scanner tool, which scans the IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault database and Lotus Domino server directory and reports missing Notes ID files for users...
« Shankar Venkatachalam / Ranjit S Rai »

Notes Single Logon Password Synchronization failed after Windows password change is unsuccessful09.10.2012 18:03
Notes Single Logon (NSL) Password Synchronization failed after Windows password change is unsuccessful with OS password policy reason even though the users provide the right password. It only occurs on Windows 7 platform.
« IBM Lotus Support »

Time/Date views in Notes: What are the options?09.10.2012 18:01
Introduction One of the great features of Notes is its ability to display information in views, categorized, sorted, totaled, and always available. One kind of view that is particularly useful is the Time/Date view. Time/Date views display information based on today's date. If the time/date formula is in the Selection formula, then only certain (presumably recent) documents display in the view. If the time/date formula is in a column formula, then that column can display different kinds of info...
« IBM Lotus Support »

Security Bulletin: Aug-2012 IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-3302, CVE-2012-3301)07.09.2012 20:28
A security researcher contacted IBM to report four security vulnerabilities in the IBM Lotus Domino HTTP server that permit cross site scripting. These vulnerabilities could allow remote attackers to steal cookie-based authentication credentials. While fixes for all four are planned for inclusion in Domino 8.5.4, workarounds exist for two in Domino servers 7.0 and later by enabling a single INI setting. As of 15 August 2012, IBM has not received any reports of customer issues related to these security vulnerabilities...
« IBM Lotus Support »

If you every used .copytodatabase with a replicated or clustered Domino06.09.2012 20:54
I had a strange problem with documents thatádisappears in a replicated or clustered environment. A more deep investigation lead to the discovery of deletion stubbs being created days/weeks/months before the document even was created, Strange. Documents getting create date the same as the original document. But then a discovery was made .copytodatabase creates the same UNID everytime if the original document isn’t in the database. OK who cares the document isn’t in the database and no other document has that UNID. So far so good, but if you copy the document delete the new document in the new database. And copy it again, it gets the same UNID anyway. OK you might say, do this matter...
« Fredrik Norling »

Preventing wrong server time and "time too far in the future"20.07.2012 01:12
"time too far in the future" beside database corruptions this problem is one of the most critical issues you can run into. Not all issues can be completely reverted in an easy way. You might be able to fix most of it by pulling a new replica. But even that might not resolve all issues...
« Daniel Nashed »

Security Bulletin: IBM Lotus Notes URL Command Injection Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2012-2174)16.06.2012 01:32
A security vulnerability exists in the IBM Lotus Notes URL handler which permits remote code execution. Malicious URLs could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on installations of Lotus Notes...
« IBM Lotus Support »

Using a Notes.ini file's automatic backup utility14.06.2012 15:13
Learn how to set up a Notes.ini backup utility for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, which takes the backup of the Notes.ini file, whenever there was a change on the file. The backup copy would be the copy of the Notes.ini file, without that change...
« Tamir Ben-Shoshan »