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.: News4Notes :: 22.02.2006 :: 10:42 :: Lotus Notes and Domino News :.
Running Notes R6 and R7 on the same machine
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by Gregg Eldred

As an Admin/sometime developer, I tend to run multiple Notes clients on one system. Having R4, R5, and R6 on one machine never really posed much of a problem (and before you ask, no, I am NOT running R4 and/or R5 on my system). But I discovered today that adding R7 to the mix changes things. I attempted to install R7 on my machine and never was able to change the default locations for the program and data directories. Tried a couple of times. Nothing. So, in a moment of clarity, I looked at the Readme file (yeah, who would have guessed that I would do that). From the Notes R7 Readme file...
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