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7.0.1 and the 64k limit for @functions
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by Vince Schuurman

According to this fix, IBM reverted the way the >64k data error is handled. Unfortunately this will invalidate all code dependant on the 'old' method. You could in fact lookup more than 64k with a @dblookup or @dbcolumn, as long as it was contained in another formula that reduced the data to less then 64k (@subset for example).
Now in 7.0.1 this code will no longer work, so check your applications before upgrading or wait for the fix...
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You may want to wait on installing Lotus Domino 7.0.1 by Bruce Elgort
Update to the ND7.0.1 @DbColumn/@DbLookup 64K limit bug... by Lotus Geek

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