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Caution about Notes client 6.5.5, calendar delegation
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by Chuck Connell

Hello DominoSecurity readers, in my last newsletter, I urged an upgrade to 6.5.5 and 7.0.1 for security reasons. Thanks to one of the readers on this list, I have become aware of a feature problem in the Notes client software 6.5.5. If this feature is important to you, you may want to keep your Notes client software at 6.5.4 and wait for a later release.The problem is that calendar delegation does not work properly after upgrading a Notes workstation to 6.5.5. The delegatee cannot create repeating events, reschedule meetings, or edit a meeting in the delegater's calendar. This is a serious, possibly show-stopper, issue for many Notes organizations, since calendar delegation is so widely used. Lotus has confirmed the existence of this problem and slated a fix for 6.5.6, which is scheduled for January 2007. In my opinion, this is too long to wait, since calendar delegation is common. I have expressed this opinion to Lotus via the Partner Forum. Note that this problem is related to the Notes 6.5.5 client software. The problem does not appear to be in the 6.5.5 Domino server or web browser access to a 6.5.5 server. Also, no one has reported the same issue with Notes 7.0.1...
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