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.: per SmartIcon Manipulation von Feldern v6.0 :.
Ein SmartIcon im Lotus Notes R6 Client, um Felder per @Formel zu manipulieren
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Erstelle Dir ein SmartIcon mit der u.a. Formel, um sehr bequem Felder in einem Dokument zu ändern. Diese Formel stammt nicht von mir, sondern von Chad Schelfhout.

If you have a need to update data for a document and you always create an agent
then this code is for you! All you need to do is paste this code into a Toolbar
button (SmartIcon). With the new Notes/Domino 6 functions this tool is easier
and smarter.

There are five simple steps to using this code:
1) Select the document to update.
2) Click your toolbar button.
3) Select the field to update.
4) Select the data type or action to be performed
5) Enter a new value.

1) Only perform the operation on one document at a time.
2) Field value is limited to 254 because of the @Prompt limitations.

Enhancements by version:
Version 3.0 (Notes/Domino 6):
1) Use @GetField to determine the data type and weather it is multi value,
which is used to set the default data type. Previous version always selected
2) Use @GetField instead of Abstract function to get the current value of a
field. This allows better formatting of the value. Because the data type can
be determined a multi value field can be formatted with ; between the values,
which is the format for entering a multi value. The @GetField also gets the
value of field with a data type of Number and Time/Date which can be converted
to text, previous versions using the abstract function would return null.
3) Changed the selecting of a field from a single select list to an editable
combo box. This will allow the creation of new fields. This is possible
because Notes/Domino 6 no longer requires the field be declared before setting
the value, this is a new feature of the @SetField function.
4) Check that a field name is entered/selected using @DoWhile, eliminating the
possibility of a field without a name.
5) Use the new @Sort function to sort and have the default field be the first
field, instead of the field subject.

Version 2.2:
1) Added Database and View Title to the dialog box title and removed from
message prompt. This should make the prompt shorter and cleaner.
2) Added the following new data types: Abbreviate Name, Abbreviate Name Multi
Value, Upper Case Text, Lower Case Text, Proper Case Text, Upper Case Text
Multi Value, Lower Case Text Multi Value, Proper Case Text Multi Value
3) Changed the multi value separator from : to ;,was unable to edit multi value
fields with times.

Version 2.1:
1) Added new data type of Password. This can be used to set the HTTP Password
on person documents in the Domino Directory.
2) Added field name in the dialog box title and prompt. Easier to remember
which field is being updated and that the correct one was selected.

The data types or actions are:
Common Name
Abbreviate Name
Remove Field
Text Multi Value
Date Multi Value
Integer Multi Value
Name Multi Value
Common Name Multi Value
Abbreviate Name Multi Value
Upper Case Text
Lower Case Text
Proper Case Text
Upper Case Text Multi Value
Lower Case Text Multi Value
Proper Case Text Multi Value