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by DominoPower

What are your favorite Notes and Domino myths?
Anything that has wide use or notoriety eventually develops a degree of mythos attached to it. Myths, urban legends, and rumors often abound. week, in OutlookPower, we're running a great article about seven of Outlook's more enduring myths. This got us thinking: what about the greatest Notes and Domino myths? What are the interesting urban legends, myths, misconceptions, and stories about Notes and Domino?
What to do when your LDAP port's already in use
We've gotten this question a few times from readers in the past month. They've installed Domino on a Windows server, and while the Domino server itself works, they're getting a strange error about LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) not working. In this tip, we'll explain what's going on and how to implement a workaround.
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