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Creating a custom Administration Process Request Handler
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by Bob Balfe

The Domino administration process (AdminP) is a server-side mechanism for automating administrative tasks in the background on a specified schedule. Domino's AdminP supports everything from user renames to file replications. AdminP also has another very powerful but not as well known feature that allows administrators to create their own administration processes and requests. This open interface is how third parties can create their own administration process request handlers and simply "plug" them in to perform administrative functions not supported by AdminP (for example, changing ACLs on all mail files on every server). This article explains how to create a custom AdminP request handler. We show the code necessary to create the server add-in and explain what it does. (You can download the complete code from the LDD Sandbox.) And we show how to deploy the add-in. This article assumes you're an experienced Domino programmer...
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