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by LDD Sandbox

Advanced XML for Notes
- Advanced XML techniques with Domino using data binding and Notes queries
Export Utility on the Web
- Export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the Web
Import Excel File to Lotus Notes
- How to import a Microsoft Excel file into Lotus Notes
Import MS Excel (generic version)
- Import MS Excel spreadsheets directly into Notes using a profile and a generic agent
Notes 6.5 and Windows Terminal Server
- Notes 6.5 Client on MS Windows 2003 Terminal Server
Philanthropic School Supply Distribution
- Complete application to support a volunteer effort to collect and distribute school supplies for needy students
Phone Message Log
- Phone message log database
URL Links
- Create full document URL links through either Microsoft Outlook or a Web browser
Web dialog box + allow values not in list
- Web-based form with dialog box that allows values not in list
Word document editor
- Demonstrates how to use NotesTimer to allow edition of embedded Word documents
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