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BlogSphere 1.2 Beta 4
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WARNING : This really is BETA quality. It has not been fully tested and a few of the new features have not been completed.
BugFix : Emoticons
Emoticons are working again. The Input Translation for the response body field was accidently removed in Beta 3.
New Feature : Web Editor Image Upload
Images that are uploaded via the web blogging interface will now appear in the image dropdown list on the client story form for selection there. They will also appear in the Resources Images view.
Bug Fix : Web Editor Image Display
Images that are uploaded and attached to blog entries via the web based editor will now appear correctly.
New Feature : Hide Trackback box
A new option allows the blog owner to turn on or off the TrackBack block that appears under the comments section of a story. If the comments are turned off for the story then the TrackBack block will be turned off even if this setting is set to show the block.
New Feature : Move blocks up and down
Buttons have been added to the blocks view to allow you to move the blocks up and down without having to go into each block form.
New Feature : Image Preview
The emoticons form and the Images form have been updated so that they will show a preview of the image once the document has been saved.
New Feature : Blogroll Categories
You can now create categories for your blogroll entries. If you upgrade from a previous version then you don't have to edit all your existing entries as they will still appear without a category heading...
New Feature : Add Blogroll Link from Web
Two new options have been added to the web based blog admin interface. You can now add both Blog Roll categories and Blog Roll links from the web browser.
BugFix : Web Based Editor Toolbar
The toolbar in the web based editor has been split into two parts so that the toolbar will display correctly on smaller screens....
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