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Identifying The Selected Radio Button
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by Breaking Par

For a recent intranet project, we were working on a survey application. The choices for each question were Yes, No, and N/A. On the back-end we needed to total up all the "Yes" answers and wanted to ignore the "No" and "N/A" answers. So we made this easy by setting an alias for "Yes" to "1", and the alias for "No" and "N/A" was both "0". We could just sum up all the field values and we'd have our number of "Yes" answers. This was working fine until the customer wanted to add an additional prompt if the user clicked "N/A" making sure that's what they wanted to do. Now "No" and "N/A" need to behave slightly different but still neither contributes to the total on the back end. We couldn't change the alias, so how do we know, at the time of clicking, if "No" or "N/A" was chosen, without looking at the alias? Read on to find the answer...
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