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by LDD Sandbox

Dynamic Signature Creator
- An email tool for users of Lotus Notes 5.x and higher
Export on Web
- Export data to Microsoft Excel on Web
Message Icon 2
- This code allows you to select which view icon to display for your message
Microsoft Excel Rich Text Reports
- Create fabulous looking reports/charts in Microsoft Excel
MSHTML Rich Text Editor
- MSHTML Editor - Updated version of the rich text editor
Notes database that customizes a CSS file for you
Regular Expressions in LotusScript
- Powerful regular expressions in LotusScript using the VBScript RegExp object
RSS Generator 0.2
- Generate RSS newsfeeds
Scrolling Calendar
- Display a scrolling calendar in a dialog box
Tools to search log.nsf
- This database will help you to search log.nsf for a specific error message or string for a given period of time and to display the result in one document
Validation for Web
- Validation for commonly used fields on the Web
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