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Random File Name (Updated)
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by Breaking Par

A long time ago we posted a tip for getting a random file name that doesn't exist in a given directory. That has worked well for us for years, but we decided to update it. There were a couple of things we didn't like about the old function. The first was that you were restricted to one file name. This is fine for 99% of the times you want to use it, but if you needed a couple different file extensions, then it meant a couple of calls to the function. This new version allows you to get a file name that doesn't exist for 1 or more file extensions. The second thing we didn't like is that you had to remember to not include the "." in your extension, otherwise when the function returned you would have consecutive periods in the file name. Again, not a serious limitation, but the new function doesn't care if you include the period in the file extension or not...
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