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Introducing the Notes/Domino WikiFAQ
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by Ben Langhinrichs

I answer a lot of questions on a few different forums, and a frequent refrain from those of us who answer questions is "Please search the forum. This question has been asked, and answered, many times.", or words to that effect.
So, as you may recall, back on November 4th,áI suggested a Notes/Domino Wikipedia. Collaboration being what it is, it didn't take long for Bruce Elgort to chime in with an offer to host the Wiki on OpenNTF. We have added a few topics, but intentionally just a few, to seed the Wiki, and today I introduced it on the Notes 4 & 5 forum and the Notes 6 & 7 forum and on the Business Partner forum. It is now called theáNotes/Domino WikiFAQ! Come on over and check it out...
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External link: Notes/Domino WikiFAQ

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