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Using the Notes address picker
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by Breaking Par

For a recent application, I wanted to use the Notes address picker like you see in the mail file. Yes, I know I could have used an editable readers/authors field with "Use address dialog for choices" enabled, but I wanted to force users to pick the names from an address book. With an editable readers/authors field, users can type in names (the field is editable, after all). There are things you can do to validate the names, but I felt (for this application) that forcing the pick from an address book would be the best option. The fields were access fields, so I had to make sure that the format was correct so the people would be granted access. @Picklist([Name]) would be an option, until I realized that users could type in a name inside the dialog box (there's a field called "Add name not in list" when you use a picklist). What did I do?
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