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.: News4Notes :: 13.12.2010 :: 07:54 :: Lotus Notes and Domino News :.
Lotus Notes and Domino Community Editions? Where is the sweet spot and what is the price of free?
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by Darren Duke

Well Duffbert is probably on IBM's shit list this week ;) In his post about "Why I don't think Xpages will turn the tide..." he outlines some very real issues with the Domino market that a lot of us make a living from. Somewhere deep in the comments (55 deep as of "air time") there are a few nuggets that always bubble up when we get our knickers in a twist. Namely: Create a Community Edition for free / Give it away to schools, colleges, no-pro's etc. I don't disagree with either of these, however IBM obviously do. How do I know this? Are these new ideas? No. Have they been implemented? No. That is how I know...
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