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.: News4Notes :: 18.01.2011 :: 07:52 :: Lotus Notes and Domino News :.
DXL importing issue -- you may want hotfix
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by Andre Guirard

From a service issue I've been working with one of our customers, I've discovered that there's a problem importing DXL containing large blocks of base64 data -- more than 4MB -- which would include any file attachments > 3MB, for instance. You would get this error message in the importer log: "Base64 byte stream contains invalid data or is too large to store in a single note item." (Of course, you can also get this error if your data really is invalid.) This might happen in about 2% of cases involving large attachments or other large base64 blocks, and is essentially random (but consistent for a given input DXL). I've come up with a fix for this in 8.5.3, and we're building a hotfix for at least one other version. If this may be an issue for your applications, please contact Lotus Support, referencing SPR #AGUD82KKHR. I'm also writing a technote, currently in internal review...
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