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Using a NotesNoteCollection as a "manual" note container
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by Andre Guirard

From a question in one of the BOFs here, I've learned that the documentation of the LotusScript NotesNoteCollection method (NotesCollection in the Java API) contains a significant error. The help for the BuildCollection method says, "You must build the collection before it is usable." This is wrong. The documentation writers were only imagining one use for the collection - to search for notes. But there's another use for a NotesNoteCollection -- as a generic container for notes that you find by some other means, and add to the collection with the Add method. If this is how you're using the object, there's no need to call BuildCollection. This is a significant difference, because BuildCollection takes time to execute even if you haven't specified any search criteria. Speed things up by deleting the call.
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