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LS2J static method calls and a little introspection
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by Andre Guirard

I've been needing to use LS2J recently so that I could code DNS lookups and web page requests as part of a testing system I'm working on for LotusLive. The documentation is a little vague on how you work with methods in a Java class from LotusScript, so since I had to experiment to find out how it worked, I figured it would be nice to record the information here. In most cases, you're writing the Java classes you're calling via LS2J, so you get to decide whether there are static members. But maybe you got the class from elsewhere and you don't want to have to modify it, or maybe you're just using a built-in class that you don't get to change. So it may occasionally be helpful to know how to use the static members. So here goes...
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