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Help - new Notes/Domino Wiki page to list Domino hosting providers
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by Ed Brill

I asked my team to compile a list of the xSPs who provide Domino hosting services globally. Because of the highly distributed nature of IBM's channel relationships, this turned out to be harder to do than I had hoped. Never mind the complexity, though, we have technology and humans who can solve the challenge. We put up a wiki page on the Notes/Domino wiki to compile a list of all the Domino hosting providers. At V1, it only has US, Japan, Sweden, and Canadian entries (and clearly not all of the hosting providers in each of those countries). This is the first time I've actually edited one of our wikis and it took me like ten seconds, so it should be easy to build this into a robust list in a matter of hours. Can you help all of us by filling in others? Thanks!
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