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.: News4Notes :: 23.08.2011 :: 08:31 :: Lotus Notes and Domino News :.
Interesting quirk when forwarding HTML emails from Lotus Notes 8.5.x
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by Dave Hay

This from one of our my UK customers: Notes R8.5.x will crash when forwarding an HTML format e-mail that refers to images on remote web servers, IF your Notes client's proxy settings are enforced by a policy AAAAND the list of proxy exceptions on the Desktop Settings policy document in the Domino Directory uses semi-colons to separate the hosts (like Internet Explorer does): The proxy exception list must be separated with commas.
So, in summary, use commas (,) rather than semi-colons (;) to separate hosts in the Lotus Domino proxy exception list. Will see if I can find an IBM Technote and update this...
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