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Searching for design elements 100 times faster
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by Andre Guirard

Often, entries in this blog are in reaction to questions I get, or someone else's code I've run across. One of the reasons things have been so quiet here is that my job has changed so that's not happening as often. But every now and them I'm reminded that there are things I know that it hadn't occurred to me weren't obvious, until I run across another developer who didn't know it. That's the case with this tip. Someone mentioned that it was taking their code a long time to scan mail files to see whether there were any design elements that were protected from design refresh/replace (aside from personal folders, where this is expected). I didn't know what they meant by "a long time," so I wrote a few lines of code to scan my mail file, and wrote back that when accessing the file on a server, I couldn't see how to do the search faster than about one or two seconds, and what was their target?
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